Y members may choose to pay membership dues monthly through automatic bank draft or credit card, or by annual or semi-annual invoice.  There is NO CONTRACT OBLIGATION to be a member of the Y.

Membership Type Monthly Fee
Youth: Ages 9-18 $23
Young Adult: Ages 19-24 $37
Adult: Ages 25+ $51

Single Parent Family: Households with 1 parent and his/her dependents 18 and younger


Family: Households with 2 adults and their dependents 18 and younger



JOINING FEE - There is a one-time joining fee of $35 that new members pay upon joining.  As long as membership remains current members will never pay a joining fee again.

Non-Members are also welcome to us the Y facility by purchasing a daily guest pass:

1 Day Guest Pass   Fee
Youth: Ages 4-18   $7
Young Adult: Ages 19-24   $9
Adult: Ages 25+   $12
Family (household)   $20



* For the safety of all members and guests, ALL guests 18 and older must present a goverment issued photo ID each time the facility is visited and sign our waiver.

* All guest ages 9 to 17 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian during their first visit to the Y.  The parent will complete a Guest & Participant Form and the child will be entered into our computer system.  This information will serve as identification for future visits to the Y.

* We take pictures of all guests age 9 and older.

* Guests age 8 & younger must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible person age 15 or older at all time throughout the Y facility. 


When paying by automatic draft, monthly draft, semi-annual or annual membership and wish to cancel your membership the membership change form request must be submitted an signed in person.

Membership will be cancelled as follows:

Cancellations received the 1st-20th of the month will be cancelled on the last day of that month.  

Cancellations received on the 21st-31st will be cancelled the last day of the following month.